Software for Paperless Meetings and Agendas

Software for Paperless Meetings and Agendas

Executives spend an average of 23 hours a week in meetings. The more efficiently the individual meetings are planned and followed up, and the more effective decisions can be made. The full-packed board software can significantly support optimizing these processes and offers many other advantages that make everyday work easier. Here is more about it.

Board software for productive paperless meetings

It is not easy to schedule a meeting to get the most out of it. A poorly planned meeting can be fruitless for an organization. Thus, it can affect the performance of the company. Manual meeting scheduling contains numerous emails between meeting participants and allows you to find the best time for everyone’s convenience. But have you ever imagined that all these tasks are performed automatically without human intervention?

Nowadays, a single digital meeting room is not enough to transform the way your business works. Consolidation and other board activities require a high level of manual, repetitive work and merging data from various sources. These two factors lead to a high susceptibility to error, which can only be countered by strict internal validation and control reports. Therefore, modern companies prefer board portals. Paperless board meeting software is a web-based device that provides a safe, reliable, and easy way to create and share whiteboard materials with panelists and learn and communicate using an iPad, phone, laptop, or computer. In this abstract, you can read about virtual board meeting software and its functionality.

Board software allows the executives to reduce the time and resources of employees significantly and, at the same time, is a reliable, safe, and secure service. It is a response to the needs of modernity, which fundamentally changes the outdated document circulation system. Other features, such as remote screen sharing, instant text messaging, and interactive whiteboard, are free. It is one of those programs currently used by many organizations for daily communication, online learning, and meetings.

Most companies turn to board management software when they feel their current meeting mode and conferencing capabilities are not up to par. As employees become increasingly mobile, regularly working from home or multiple small offices rather than larger ones, traditional face-to-face meetings are becoming increasingly difficult.

What are the software capabilities?

Modern board software vendors have a rich set of features that can compete with corporate systems:

  • Joining a meeting with one click

The board portal integrates with your organization’s calendars, fixes appointments in the schedule, creates agendas automatically and reminds you of them in advance. Inviting colleagues to a video meeting is easy – you need to select them from your contact list. Connecting via a direct link from a notification is quick and convenient.

  • Text transcript of records

The board software makes a text transcript of the recording using speech recognition technology for each participant separately.

  • Meeting recording that’s easy to share

The recording is stored in the cloud and ready to send a minute after the meeting. All materials are stored in a single space; you can always watch them or share a link to the video.

  • Single workspace

When plans, tasks, documents, and information exchange are not centralized, they become fragmented. Board members do not have a single source of reliable information, so they cannot search for the right materials, synchronize the work of different teams and within different projects, or interact asynchronously. The board portal connects all your projects and tasks in one place where you can easily plan, manage and share work information.